Activity Areas

The Institute of Environmental Economics (IEE) focuses on two important and current topics for Poland: increasing energy efficiency in single-family homes and improving air quality in Poland by issuing recommendations to state institutions, preparing expert publications, and integrating the environment. IEE has experience in market research, financial and economic analyzes.

IEE activities focus on constructive cooperation with partners, using research methods to solve practical problems that public authorities struggle with. Research is carried out as part of an interdisciplinary team, which includes, among others: energy auditors, financiers, economists, consulting companies, NGOs from Poland and Europe, as well as independent experts.  


The IEE has successfully collaborated with partners involved in the EE sector, from both Poland and abroad :

Branch organizations and companies

Renovate Europe, Confederation of Construction and Real Estate (KbiN), Cluster of Construction Glass Processing Companies, Plastics Europe Poland, Mineral Wool Manufacturers Association (MIWO), Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association (Pol-lighting),  CECED Poland, Associations of Energy Certifiers and Auditors, Association of Energy Auditors (ZAE),

Non-governmental organizations

ClientEarth, National Energy Conservation Agency (NAPE), Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency (FEWE), Demos Europa, Polish Humanitarian Action

Consultancy companies

ARUP, Building Performance Institute Europe, ECOFYS, Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE)

State bodies

Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Enterprise and Technology, Ministry of Development, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, the Embassy of Norway, The Marshall Office of the Małopolska Region


Polish Bank Association, Bank for Environmental Protection (BOŚ), World Bank